Many businesses refer to IT Management as the "black hole" of the office. It can be a drain on resources, money and time. Small businesses in particular deal with this challenge as they may not have the resources to support their hardware and software platforms. Let TechStarters Managed IT support your entire IT infrastructure - desktops, laptops, printers, networks, software and more!

Why TechStarters Managed IT?

IT professionals and the business executives who manage IT costs prefer that TechStarters take the IT responsibilities off their hands. In most cases, managed IT requires a mix of on-site IT management, as well as off-site user data management. We can host your organization's IT resources at your business location or remotely at our secure data center.

We offer Hybrid IT Management Solutions. We will manage your in-house IT network, including your workstations, equipment and servers at your location and are available to physically come to your office to provide any support necessary while hosting at our data centers. Likewise, TechStarters will install software on your machines allowing us to provide remote assistance. This means we can check your networks health, performance, perform software upgrades and troubleshoot problems without having to send someone to your facility. This provides cost savings and efficiency!


Strong Partnerships

Dell Hardware Reseller
Microsoft Licenses Reseller
HP Hardware Reseller

Need equipment? Need software? Want to get the best for less? TechStarters has partnerships with many of the big players in the industry, including Microsoft, HP and Dell to name a few. What this means is we have access to all of the latest and greatest equipment and programs, and can often buy them for less than you will find in the store. With TechStarters Managed IT - you're covered!

Flexible Approach to Managed IT Services

TechStarters provides organizations with the flexibility to control IT costs, by providing the optional IT scalability for when your business demands it. Our custom plans are tailored to your business needs and can go from mild to wild, so this means your organization has the flexibility to start with the selected managed IT services that make the most sense right now, with the option to then add services as your business needs grow. For example, lets just say you are a new business owner starting out fresh, with only a few employees and no IT at all. TechStarters will review your needs and if necessary, provide you with all of the software and equipment (computers, printers, accessories, etc) your business needs. And, we will setup all of that equipment the right way which means you can focus on running your business. Then as your business grows and your needs expand, we'll be right there with you! If you require additional equipment or even new software applications we will acquire it, install it, get it working and support it 24/7 to ensure your business stays up and running.

Already have yourself setup? Just need someone to take over and manage the network for you? TechStarters will be there.

Don't need a full-service managed IT solution right now? We understand, many of our managed IT services are available on a per hour or per project basis.