What are Managed IT Services?

Understanding Managed Services

Managed services can be a gambit of services provided by an outside IT company for your business. Managed services can be a great way to supplement or replace the need for in-house IT staff; saving the company time, money, and reducing the need & responsibility of managing a technical staff that can be tough to supervise. TechStarters is a fully insured IT services company, and one of the very few experienced IT companies nationwide that can say they have a perfect record of protecting client data & preventing company data loss. Our experienced IT staff has a proven record of lowering the overall risk of company data loss, and enhances data security by eliminating many potential security concerns.

TechStarters takes a proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure while providing an easy, predictable budget. With managed IT services, your company receives one monthly invoice for all your IT services, help desk and consultative needs. When paying hourly many businesses will wait until a problem becomes serious before calling for help which leads to greater cost, increased frustration, and downtime that could have been prevented. The IT Services Plan allows you to focus on your business, while TechStarters provides your company with onsite managed services.

Managed IT services usually entails some form of "agent" installed on the local desktops and servers of the business that will automatically perform scheduled maintenance on the computers and also grant the TechStarters certified technician remote access to manually fix any issue that a user may be having, as well as perform testing during off hours. Many companies provide this service; few can provide it at the level TechStarters can. TechStarters provides a personalized degree of service unmatched by larger, more ubiquitous firms. Your TechStarters technician will know you by name and know your system personally. They are certified experts on the systems and hardware your business runs on.

TechStarters Software Agent for Computers and Microsoft Servers

Our managed IT services are customized for each client and can include:

  1. Virtual CIO
  2. Immediate 24x7x365 Onsite Help
  3. Vendor Management
  4. Training on Software Programs
  5. Specialized Industry Application Support
  6. Remote Access Assistance
  7. 24x7x365 Server & Workstation Monitoring & Alerts
  8. Managed Data Backups, Monitoring, and Remediation
  9. Device Asset Management
  10. Live 24x7x365 Help Desk Support
  11. Patch Management
  12. Unlimited Break/Fix Support
  13. Hosted Email
  14. Anti-Virus
  15. Anti-Malware
  16. Web Protection
  17. Project Consultation
  18. WAP & Access Point Configuration
  19. A/V Management